The Benefits of Singing

Singing Can Help Keep Your Body and Mind in Tune!

It is a fact of modern life that we are growing busier and busier and it is often our social life that can suffer, but making the time to leave the house and meet people is incredibly important. Whether you are living with loneliness or looking to leave the stresses of the day behind, singing in a choir has been proven to create a positive mental state. As a result, more and more people are taking the plunge and discovering the joys and benefits of choral singing.
You may not immediately associate singing with exercise, but there are plenty of physical benefits to singing regularly. Singing boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood stimulating overall circulation, increases energy levels and stamina and improves your lung capacity. Whilst practising good breathing methods, you are using the core muscles and focusing your energy on achieving a great sound. Standing up straight is part of good singing technique and as your chest cavity expands and your shoulders and back align, your posture will also be improved.

Research has shown that singing can also boost your mental health. An oxygenated blood stream allows more oxygen to reach the brain, improving mental alertness, concentration and memory. Singing increases antibodies which strengthen the immune system, releases endorphins and increases oxytocin that helps to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your sense of happiness.

So why not just sing in the shower? Findings suggest that the experience of using your voice to make music may be enhanced when you feel that you are part of a cohesive social group. Singing in harmony helps to create a very strong bond amongst all members of the choir and a sense of purpose towards a common goal. Performing as part of a group can also help you to overcome nerves and build confidence in your own abilities. A choir is a perfect setting, after all, there is safety in numbers!
BCS sings all sorts of music. Next term we will start rehearsing Gilbert and Sullivan pieces on 9th April 2024 in preparation for our Summer concert on 22nd June. If you’re unsure of taking your next musical step, why not come along to one of our Tuesday evening rehearsals from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. at Billingshurst Community and Conference Centre, and give us a try? BCS is a very friendly choir and you will be warmly welcomed and supported while you are getting to grips with your new leisure activity.  You will then be able to join us for the concert with professional soloists and instrumentalists under the baton of Marcio da Silva, our renowned Music Director. 

Even those with no previous choral singing experience have commented that, although they found it something of a challenge at first, with practice and perseverance they have become competent singers, and discovered the joy and exhilaration of raising their voice and singing in harmony with others.  If this will be a first for you, we can guarantee you will go home with a sense of exhilaration after an unforgettable experience!  
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